Kriptia - Intelligence, due diligence e rischio reputazionale

Integrity due diligence and reputational risk

Kriptia’s intelligence analysis can be carried out both nationally and internationally. The purpose is to provide useful elements for corporate decision-makers, to prevent losses deriving from the employees, partners or supplier’s infidelity. Another big scope is to prevent from reputational damage came from the interaction with dishonest persons.

Kriptia allows to reduce losses even by 90% through an Integrity Due Diligence analysis.

Corporate intelligence and investigations

In a world where information is more important than assets, it is important to know it and know who you are collaborating with, who the partners, suppliers and customers really are.

Kriptia’s can provide information on interpersonal relationships and networks of interest, obtained legally and in full compliance with current regulation, which can be used in any situation, in a precise and timely manner.

Kriptia is made up of highly qualified intelligence team that allows you to obtain a structured, simple and effective tool to support business decisions and give a valid view of the facts. It also offers traditional services, useful to companies such as, investigations on corporate infidelities (absenteeism, checks on the use of permits, etc ...) legally through an investigative license.


Kriptia -  Strategie di SECURITY

Corporate security strategies

Kriptia’s security management staff is responsible for developing security plans for the corporates’ offices and people, basing it on the specific characteristics and activities of each company.

In a world characterized by dynamism and uncertainty, Kriptia aims to evaluate and monitor risks constantly, both nationally and internationally. Last, but not least, Kriptia carries out the evaluation and monitoring of cyber risks, focusing on the human factor and analysing trends and global events to prevent cyber threat.

Security management in outsourcing

Today, companies are increasingly exposed to very specific and other unknown risks. They have to deal with various threats of an even malicious nature. The company has an obligation to protect its employees, but also to protect their assets in order to guarantee a correct and efficient business continuity management.

Rely on Kriptia means having a reliable partner at your side, able to analyze sector specific risks and to provide with the best mitigation solutions, always in support of corporate governance.

Kriptia -  Strategie di SECURITY

Kriptia - Sicurezza Operativa

Operational security and protection

Kriptia is specialized in operational risk management and takes care of the security and safety planning in large events, such as sporting events and crowded places in general.

Development and internationalization strategies and feasibility analysis

Through business intelligence and a solid history in geopolitical and geo-economic analysis, Kriptia supports enterprises in their initial stages of business development and/or expansion and project them into national and international scenarios.

In this activity, Kriptia stands out for a strategy model that sees the customer side by side up to the stages of production development. Constant and updated analyses that allow the time-cost optimization of business, even in geographically distant places or with critical contexts.

Kriptia - Strategie di sviluppo, internazionalizzazione e analisi di fattibilità

Kriptia - Sicurezza del personale viaggiante

Travel risk management solution

In an increasingly globalized world, where new political and geopolitical tensions arise every day, Kriptia is responsible for ensuring the safety of traveling personnel through the services of Travel Security Assistance (security assessment of places, hotels and routes), Travel Guide, Travel Risk Monitoring and Travel Security Consulting, in line with the Corporate responsibility to protect its employees abroad (D. lgs 81/2008, cc art. 2087, etc ...).

Cyber risk management

Kriptia manages the cyber risk focusing on three main directions: systems security, staff training and a risk assessment that takes into consideration the specific characteristics of each company, through the analysis of global threat trends.

Kriptia - alutazione e gestione dei rischi cyber