OSINT Open Source INTelligence

Nowadays information is worth more than asset, for this reason in Kriptia we believe that knowing how to manage it is the secret to holding new power.

Open source analysis, called OSINT (Open Source INTelligence), allows access to a series of information which, if carefully collected and processed, can become valuable, especially for companies that use this method to analyze markets, suppliers, members and customers. The OSINT methodology also allows your company to monitor the reputation of your brand and your image and can be useful for implementing crisis management or disaster recovery policies in the shortest possible time. In recent times, it often happens that companies are targeted by social networks and newspapers, and this teaches us that it is essential to check their reputation, to avoid the damage of brand image and business problems.

In recent years, digital information is widely spread, and this has allowed everyone to share photos and sensitive data in many platforms and this can represent a big problem no to be underestimated.

Contemporary society presents itself as a huge OSINT field, which is technological (think of the Dual-use technology of some companies), anthropological as well as socio-political. The relationship with the new international powers such as China and Russia is not merely an economic or political relationship but a geostrategic one.

For years, Kriptia has been dealing with drafting reputational reports using both innovative methodologies and tools, and constantly updated software. These services are useful to companies for: employee / partner / supplier screening, corporate image monitoring, member / supplier reputation situation, information search, and everything that is useful for the company, both in Italy and abroad.