About us Kriptia

Kriptia was founded in 2012 with the aim of supporting the security management of Italian enterprises. During the last few years, Kriptia has been enriched by resources and experience and in 2015 Kriptia crossed the national border to provide its services to an increasingly international landscape. With a strict ethical code and a mission that sees the development and the security of a client company as its main objective, today Kriptia can boast a consolidated customer package both in the Italian and the International markets.

Kriptia originates from the Greek term κρυπτός / kryptós ("hidden", "secret"), with which was designated an elite team of young warrior. Only those people who distinguished themselves in the training period had access to it. To this team was given the responsibility for the strategic successes of the city of Sparta, so much that it has been repeatedly compared to a real secret police force.

Likewise, Kriptia consists of a team of young experts, carefully selected based on their practical and training experience, able to exploit the most advanced tools and intelligence techniques, as well as with a solid and extensive information collection network.