Intelligence, due diligence and reputational risk

Our intelligence analysis aims to provide business managers and decision makers with a base of information useful to prevent losses deriving from the infidelity of employees, partners or suppliers, as well as from the reputation damage resulting from interaction with people or other entities of dubious honesty. Analysis are carried out at national and / or international level.

Corporate Security Strategies

The security management staff is responsible for developing security plans for the corporates’ offices and people, basing it on the specific characteristics and activities of each company. In a world characterized by dynamism and uncertainty, Kriptia also sets itself the objective of constantly assessing and monitoring risk, both internally, nationally and internationally. Finally, Kriptia carries out the evaluation and monitoring of cyber risks, focusing on the human factor and analysing trends and global events to prevent any accidents.

Operational Security and Protection

Specialized in operational risk management, Kriptia takes care of the security planning and assistance in large events, crowded places and sport events.

Development and Internationalization Strategies and Feasibility Analysis

Through business intelligence and a solid history in geopolitical and geo-economic analysis, Kriptia supports enterprises in their initial phases of development and / or business expansion towards new national and international scenarios. In this activity, Kriptia is proud to distinguish itself for an operating model that sees the customer side by side up to the stages of production development. Constant and updated feasibility analyses are provided to allow the optimization of time and cost of setting up the business, even in remote or adverse locations.

Traveling Personnel Security

In an increasingly globalized world, where new political and geopolitical tensions arise every day, Kriptia is responsible for ensuring the safety of traveling personnel through the services of Travel Security Assistance (security assessment of places, hotels and routes), Travel Guide, Travel Risk Monitoring and Travel Security Consulting, in line with the Corporate responsibility to protect its employees abroad.

Assessment and Management of the Cyber Risk

Kriptia manages the cyber risk focusing on three main directions: systems security, staff training and a tailor-made risk assessment that takes into consideration the specific characteristics of each company, through the analysis of global threat trends.