In an era where information assets are worth more , knowing how to manage the new power is the secret.


The analysis of open sources, defined OSINT (Open Source INTelligence), allows to have access to a range of information that if known how to collect, store and analyze them, can be an asset, especially for companies that take advantage of this methodology in order to analyze markets, suppliers, partners and customers. Monitoring also one’s brand, one’s image, can be useful in order to be able to implement policies of crisis management or disaster recovery in the shortest possible time. The companies targeted by social networks and newspapers have taught us in recent times that there is a need of checking one’s reputation to avoid problems in business and image.


In recent years, the digitization of information and real-time sharing, where everyone can take pictures, write, report, on various platforms, blogs, social networks, is proving to be a powerful weapon, that people and companies can no longer underestimate.


Today the Western civilization, and not, manifests itself as huge pool of OSINT, both technological (think of the dual use tech of some companies) and socio-political and anthropological. The relationship with regional emerging or reborn powers such as China and Russia is not merely an economic or political relationship: it is geostrategic.

Kriptia have been dealing since years with drawing up reputational reports and search of information from internet, by using both methodologies and innovative tools, such as always updated softwares. These services serve to companies for: screening of employees/members/suppliers, monitoring corporate image, reputational situation of members/suppliers, search of information, and all what is useful to the company, both in Italy and abroad.