KRIPTIA consists of a team of young professionals supported by sector veterans, that carries out services of investigation and of corporate security. Each individual that belongs to the team has analytical and managerial skills, excellent computer skills, strong problem solving skills. Everyone has the ability to work constantly and according to the deadlines with strong team spirit and results orientation. We have a consultant soul but with a personality and a license of investigators. The continuous innovation in HUMINT techniques and the innovative services, such as OSINT for companies, are the strengths that make it unique compared to competitors. SPECIALIZED IN:
  • business surveys and mysterious customer
  • corporate investigations
  • internationalisation of companies


Authorized by the Prefecture to carry out its services throughout the national and European territory, it especially offers business services support at 360 degrees, from surveys for members and disloyal employees to the screening of partners and suppliers. Convinced that foreign markets are the new playgrounds for small and medium-sized enterprises Kriptia cares for its clients the internationalization part related to security issues, the management of contacts on site, logistics and all what is required in terms of safety for those who want to start up abroad.